Baloney Sandwich Enamel Pin

This is an enamel pin I designed as a gift for my Burning Man campmates in Kentucky Fried Camp (Camp KFC) -- we serve fried baloney sandwiches and Kentucky bourbon shots for breakfast! My campmates are my second family, and this being my third year with KFC out of my four years at Burning Man, I wanted to gift them something extra special this year. They loved it!

Pin design on a starburst background. We use ketchup and mustard in our sandwiches, so I used that as inspiration for the color scheme.

Design for the backing card. I incorporated the elements of the graphic I created. The reverse side is completely yellow.

Here's the pin all packaged!

I also had 1" buttons made to give out to visitors to our camp as well as people I met on the Playa. It has our camp's address printed on the edge of the button.

The pin and button in action!