Beans, Beats & Books Logo

Logo design for a client's blog, "Beans, Beats & Books", in which staff writers review coffee shops around the SF Bay Area, upcoming music albums, and new book releases. The founders wanted a logo that was simple yet encapsulated the essence of the blog's subject matter. 

Original pencil thumbnail sketches. I explored ideas that incorporated drinking coffee, reading, and listening to music.

Going into Illustrator, I started out with detailed ideas and then worked down to simpler versions of them. I explored an idea that the client had where steam came out of the coffee cup and formed the music note, but the steam lines wouldn't register at a smaller size, so I decided to cut them out.

The final logo image, simplified to the very basic elements. I delivered the assets with versions of the logo in black-on-white, brown-on-white, white-on-black, and white-on-brown in .png, .eps and .svg formatting.