Damaso Family Crest

To celebrate Filipino-American History Month in October, I designed a family crest.
My ancestors are Filipino, and our name, Damaso, is from the Portuguese/Spanish Dámaso, which further derives from Greek Damasos, which means "tamer." Click on the images in the gallery for more on my design process.

I really like the calligraphic style of Germania One; it somehow reminds me of islands and it really seemed to fit my family name. For the secondary font I used Berlin Sans, which went really well with Germania One -- overall, the text feels very classic and "islandy".

The banana tree is a huge part of Filipino culture, so I made the laurels in the shapes of banana leaves. My family is big on cooking (and food in general), so I made that a prominent part of the crest with the caldero icon and "Let's Eat!". Most of the Damasos are based in Los Angeles, so I added the Downtown LA skyline with palm trees. Lastly, apparently my paternal grandfather was a huge fan of Vicks VapoRub, so I thought my family would appreciate the humorous homage.

The Damaso Family Crest

The Damaso Family Crest on a T-shirt