Firefly Tumbleweed Book Design

I helped my friend Josh turn his old blog, "Firefly Tumbleweed," into a print book featuring his musings, poetry, and photos from 2009-2010. The book chronicles the wayward lives of Josh, his wife, and their toddler as they move from Kentucky to Oregon -- along the way staying with family or friends in various states, stopping by curious trailer parks, and biking breathtaking wilderness trails -- all while living in their souped-up van and Airstream trailer. This was an important time in their lives, and I was honored to help them capture it with this book. Josh's writing is poetic, entertaining, and sincere, and made this project really fun to work on. There is only one copy of this book in existence -- it was a gift to his wife. 

The challenge of this project was working with smaller-resolution photos as all content had to be extracted directly from the blog online (original content was lost over the years), but it worked out pretty well and Josh was happy with the end result.
I laid out the book using Adobe InDesign and used to have it printed.

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