Godsray Synth Logo

A logo I designed for a friend who had built a custom digital synthesizer for his girlfriend for her birthday. The name came from someone mishearing her surname, Godfrey. I had a two-day deadline and delivered just in time for the gift to be presented!

The client wanted a logo inspired by 1980s software company logos. Here were my main influences.

Brainstorming sketches. Was trying to decide whether or not to go sans or serif. I experimented with straight lines, but I knew I wanted something blocky or at least monoline.

I decided on organic monoline letters with a few angles to depict light rays -- and as a call-out to Microsoft's old logo!

Here is the sketch digitized and treated with a few strikethrough lines. It took a while to figure out what kind of spacing would work for the lines.

The final logo. I decided to get rid of the hard lines of the S and the R and make them consistent with the curves of the G and D. Also found a comfortable spacing for the lines.

Here is the logo in action!