NNU Medicare For All Brochure

This is a Medicare For All informational brochure with National Nurses United (NNU) branding. Using an older version of the brochure layout as a guide, which had different branding, I applied the NNU-branded typeface, color scheme, and images. The graphic on the cover of the brochure was used in social media and on placards and signs. I incorporated this overall style into the headings and subheadings of the brochure, enforcing the NNU/Medicare For All brand. The document was laid out using Adobe InDesign and sent to NNU's printing house for printing. The brochure was made available to 2,000 attendees at the People's Summit in Chicago in June 2016 and will be NNU's default informational brochure on Medicare For All.

© 2015-2020 Alisa Damaso

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