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August 2021
Shoutout LA
Meet Alisa Damaso | Designer & Illustrator,
Founder of VLY GRL

In my latest interview, I talk about how my perspective of work-life balance has evolved, share my favorite spots in Los Angeles, and give shoutouts to folks, organizations, and books that have helped me throughout the years.

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February 2021
The Creamery Collection

The work of San Francisco, CA-based designer and illustrator Alisa Damaso is all about being yourself. She’s the creative mastermind behind VLY GRL (@vly_grrrl), a brand dedicated to “smashing the bimbo Valley Girl stereotype one rad accessory at a time”.

As an artist who’s fueled by snacks, she aimed to capture the excitement of digging into a new treat that’s both satisfying and delicious.

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June 2020
Notes From Erin Newsletter
Interview with Alisa of VLY GRL

"Five questions with my friend and creator Alisa. Read about her journey, her brand and some tips for keeping focus in this unprecedented time." — Erin Duncan

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April 2020
VoyageLA Magazine
Meet Alisa Damaso of VLY GRL

In this interview with VoyageLA Magazine, I talk about how my writing career started, how I ended up being a designer, and some challenges I faced when switching careers at age 29. I also talk about my business VLY GRL and the importance of representation in the media and in the art and products we make.

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September 2019
CSUN's The Daily Sundial
Smashing the Valley Girl Image

"The Valley Girl as defined in ’80s pop culture is typically a ditzy white blonde that can be found in the local mall because OMG, it’s like, totally bitchin’. With a stereotype that is drowning in materialism and airheadedness, it is not only an insult to female intelligence but grossly under-represents the true demographics of the San Fernando Valley.

"With this in mind, a CSUN alumna took it into her own hands to redefine the bimbo image by creating the clothing and accessories brand VLY GRL, dedicated to showcasing real valley babes of all backgrounds." — Madison Parsley

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VLY GRL Logo Patch.jpg
September 2019
Meet the 818
VLY GRL Redefined

"Meet 818 native Alisa Damaso: graphic designer, illustrator, singer, writer, mixed media artist, and zine maker. This talented young woman is also the creator of VLY GRL, her own brand of clothing and enamel pins, representing the San Fernando Valley and redefining the valley girl image. It’s her homage to her home, and the vehicle in which she sheds light on real valley girls." — Danrochelle Yumul

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December 2018
In the Heart Stories
Alisa Damaso - Graphic Designer and Illustrator

"Hailing from the San Fernando Valley and currently living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alisa Damaso is a graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for community, activism, and art for social change. She began her career writing and editing, then transitioned to graphic design and took off from there. She creates zines, is a singer in the band Vincent Gargiulo National Park, and started the brand VLY GRL." — Jella Roson

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August 2018
Member Spotlight: Meet Alisa Damaso, Graphic Designer and Illustrator

"Alisa Damaso is a talented graphic designer and illustrator who took a risk when she left an established career to follow her passion for design. She used Skillshare classes to supplement a certificate program in graphic and web design, and has found success creating work for well-known brands and her own, VLY GRL. We reached out to Alisa after she responded to our call for stories from people who have used Skillshare to help their personal and professional lives. She generously agreed to share the details of her career transition— and her advice for anyone on the verge of making their own." —Rachel Gorman

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