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SAGE is the country's largest and oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ elders. Brand Justice brought me on to work on a visual identity system project for SAGE, creating the brands for two new semi-autonomous divisions under the main brand.

SAGEServes encompasses existing SAGE programs and services in New York, as well as select services in Florida. This division provides high quality, inclusive programs and care for LGBTQ+ elders, creating ever-growing opportunities to serve and support their unique needs. SAGEServes ensures that every LGBTQ+ elder has the opportunity to age how they choose, with dignity and possibility, on their own terms.

Inspired by the loving, caring activists who started SAGE, SAGEServes empowers LGBTQ+ elders to live as their full and best selves surrounded by joy. With this in mind, I created a concept that celebrates life, individuality, and diversity. In the wordmark, the finials of the e's in "serves" portray smiles and are also used as confetti, parentheses, and frames within the overall design system. The color palette was inspired by the Progress Pride Flag. Imagery shows patrons living their best lives being active, enjoying hobbies, cultivating friendships — all while expressing their individuality and style.

Designed with Brand Justice.