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The San Francisco Cocktail Week event is back after more than a decade, revived and rebranded to align with Asian, Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month.

The inaugural AAPI Cocktail Week: San Francisco Bay Area debuted in May 2023, highlighting the vast and diverse cultures which make up Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian experiences.

Under the helm of Kevin Diedrich, owner of SF's award-winning bar Pacific Cocktail Haven and Kona's Street Market, AAPI Cocktail Week's mission is to bring together the AAPI community, foodies, cocktail lovers, and folks in the hospitality industry to celebrate AAPI creators, cocktails, and cuisine.

AAPI Cocktail Week partners with AAPI-owned bars and restaurants, as well as individual cocktailiers and chefs from all around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to share generations of knowledge, camaraderie, tradition, and innovation in the food and beverage industry. The week's festivities consist of events, workshops, experiences, happy hours, and parties that highlight AAPI creators in the restaurant and bar trade.

Under a tight timeline, I created the branding for AAPI Cocktail Week, which included a responsive logo with variations, illustrations, typography, photo treatments, digital and print flyers, social media graphics, environmental signage, and merchandise. Reflecting the welcoming vibe of PCH and Kona's, the AAPI Cocktail Week brand is playful and inviting, expressing its key values of familiarity, nostalgia, comfort, and community.

Event photos courtesy of Kevin Diedrich.