Octopus Incorporated Book Design

Another book layout design project for client Josh Short based on his later blog,
"Octopus Incorporated." Another chronicle of Josh and his family's wayward adventures, this time backpacking and biking through parts of Mexico and U.S. National Parks with a close friend, an adopted Mexican stray dog, and another baby on the way, who all make up a total of seven mammals aboard their funky van in a cross-country move from Oregon to North Carolina.

This book was more photo-heavy; many hours of photo editing with Adobe Photoshop were required. I also spent some time copyediting and proofreading.
I laid out the book using Adobe InDesign and used Blurb.com to have it printed.
The book is a hardcover with a dust jacket and is at standard portrait size, 8x10 inches, a switch from the previous book's landscape size, 10x8 inches. I also used more white space this time, which I think was necessary for such a visual book. 

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